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EE6306-Digital Integrated Circuit Design

This course contains Review of Integrated Circuit Fundamentals, Circuit Characterization and Performance Estimation and BiCMOSDigital Circuits

  • E-quiz
    Review of Integrated Circuit Fundamentals
    Characteristics of Digital Integrated Circuits,COMS Logic,Other Competing Technologies,Layout Design Rules 
  • E-quiz
    Circuit Characterization and Performance Estimation
    Circuit Loading Estimation
  • E-quiz
    BiCMOS Digital Circuits
    Introduction to BICOMS Technology

E-learning video 

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    Circuit Theory
  • Circuit Characterization
  • Performance Estimation
  • CMOS Logic Circuits
  • Circuit Fundamentals

Integrated Circuit Fundamentals

EE6306 - Chapter 1
Course information
  • What is a CMOS
  • MOSFET DC Characterization
  • Thevenin Theorem
  • Superposition Theorem

Circuit Characterization & Estimation

EE6306 - Chapter 2
Course information
  • BiCMOS Technologies circuits
  • BiCMOS design Technologies
  • BiCMOS Fabrication explanation
  • BICMOS NAND Gate circuits

BICMOS Digital circuits

EE6306- Chapter 3
Course information
  • Non-Ideal characteristics
  • Non ideal Effects
  • CMOS Logic Gates
  • CMOS Introduction

Nonideal I-V Effects & CMOS Logic

EE6306- Chapter 4
Course information
  • Dynamic CMOS Dis VS Adv
  • Dynamic CMOS Logic Circuits
  • Static & Dynamic cmos style
  • MOS Dynamic Circuits

Static & Dynamic CMOS Logic Circuits  

EE6306- Chapter 5
Course information
  • CMOS low power design
  • Sequential Logic
  • Sequential CMOS
  • Low Power Design

Sequential CMOS Circuits & Low Power CMOS 

EE6306- Chapter 6
Course information
  • Design MOS & BICMOS circuits
  • Design & Simulation BiCMOS
  • CMOS Design Full Adder
  • Static & Dynamic Circuit Design

CMOS Design

EE6306- Chapter 7
Course information
  • Sub-System Design
  • CMOS design methodology
  • CMOS-Design methodology
  • Subsystem design process

Sub-System Design & Design Methodology 

EE6306- Chapter 8

FYP Project

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